The Kneading Method The kneading method is a type of massage

The Kneading Method The kneading method is a type of massage which involves making a kneading motion on the skin with the fingers or the palm. The palm and fingers arc never withdrawn from contact with the skin, and the subcutaneous tissue in the area is allowed to slide along with them. Normally, this method is ap-plied with one hand. The force used is relatively light, reaching only to the subcutaneous tissue. It has the effect of releasing the stimulation produced by stronger manipulations and of allaying pain. It is classified into the thumb kneading and palm kneading methods.

Thumb Kneading Method:

The palmar surface of the thumb is pressed tightly against the skin and moved with a circular kneading motion. This method is suitable for restricted areas and acupoints. It is used in co-ordination with the single-finger dig massage therapy near to relieve the sore, swelling reaction that method gives rise to. The force used in kneading should be in-creased from light to heavy, and then decreased from heavy to light again. b) Palm Kneading Method: With the heel of the palm, or the whole palm, pressing closely against the skin, knead with a rotating motion, going either clockwise or counterclockwise. This is appropriate for larger areas, such as the abdominal region (see Diagram to), or the back. In the course of palm-kneading, though the palm does not shift position, the range of the sliding movement of the subcutaneous tissue is allowed to become wider and wider.

Also the force applied gradually be-comes heavier and heavier. The rate of frequency in the palm kneading method is generally slow, about 50-6o times per minute. The Vibrate Method This method uses a fingertip, or the palm, to apply vibration to a part of the body or to an acupoint. In this method, the practitioner’s arm, especially the muscles of forearm and hand, must exert a strong static force that becomes concentrated at the fingertip, or in the palm, making the massaged area vibrate. It is important that the vibration rate be high, and that the force used be great. Most often, one hand is used, but two hands can also be used simultaneously. This method comprises the finger and palm vibrate techniques. a] Finger Vibrate Method: Vibration is applied with the thumb or the middle finger to the tissue in the area to be massaged. The posture of the hand is similar to the one used in the single-finger dig method. This method is often used following the single-finger dig. It is employed to step up stimulation after the sore, swelling reaction produced by the dig method. Continue vibration for about 1/2-1 minute. The finger-vibrate method is also applied to such acupoints as hegu 25 (see Diagram 2o), neiguan 26 and zusanh 27. It is also used on acupoints in the abdominal region, but here it must always follow the rise and fall of breathing. Apply the pressure with expiration; release the pressure with inspiration.

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